Brock Rustin and Jeff Kendall

Ginger powerhouse Brock Rustin is back and this time he's got handsome Jeff Kendall and his beautiful cock in his crosshairs. Within seconds of the scene opening up Brock's face is buried in Jeff's crotch sucking, swallowing, and Deep throating his stiff shaft. He is treated to expert service by Brock's lips and tongue leaving him squirming and wriggling for more. The tables quickly get turned when Jeff plants his face into Brock's rusty colored manhole as he teases and taunts his ass crack into submission. Brock proves to us once again why he deserves the title of Power Bottom extraordinaire as he is fucked and used every which way. Jeff pounds his ass again and again -- first doggie, then side saddle -- never missing a thrust. Brock then mounts Jeff's cock and rides him cowboy, like he's never ridden before. There is no holding Brock back when his willing butt is getting nailed bareback! The sex is scorching and the action sizzles as both glisten in their own sweat and juices. Jeff and Brock shoot massive, thick creamy loads much to the delight of Brock's eager ass and hungry lips. And in a final gesture of thanks, Jeff felches Brock's seeded hole and feeds it back to him as they both collapse, exhausted but very satisfied.
Featuring:  Brock Rustin, Jeff Kendall
Release Date: 12/17/2018