Chad Brock and Brian Davilla

Chad Brock and Brian Davilla work themselves up into a heated frenzy. Brian nuzzles Chad's crotch, sucking down his bobbing pole. Chad returns the favor, eagerly servicing Brian, but he quickly tears up, choking and gagging on the massive tool. Chad's bottom skills are put to the test by the girth of Brian's fat cock, opened wider and wider as Brian stuffs that mammoth rod deeper into Chad's butt. Stretched to the limit, Chad, craves more and begs Brian to keep fucking and pounding him. Clenching onto the pillow as he screams in anguish, Chad blasts a huge nut all over himself as Brian unloads his wad into his gaping hole.
Featuring:  Brian Davilla, Chad Brock
Release Date: 03/19/2018