Brian Davilla and Darius Soli

Stretched across the length of a white leather couch, Brian Davilla has his face buried in Darius Soli's crotch. Bobbing up and down on the thick shaft, Darius soon returns the favor, sucking down Brian's fat cock, playing with his ass, and probing his hole. Then, with Brian bent over the side of the sofa, Darius slides his raw cock inside Brian and fucks him bareback. As they build in intensity and edge towards climax, Darius fucks deeper, with longer strokes. When he's ready to blow, Darius pulls out of Brian and gushes a huge load of jizz all over the gaping, freshly fucked hole, emptying his balls of cum as he seeds Brian's sloppy hole with the rest of his DNA.
Featuring:  Brian Davilla, Darius Soli
Release Date: 06/18/2018