Nick Andrews and Nick Tiano

It's true. Two Nicks ARE better than One! See for yourself. They're Hot. They're Sexy. They're Passionate. And eager to take raw cock and ride bare ass. It all starts as Nick Andrews is showing off his oral gifts, much to the delight of Nick Tiano and his throbbing cock. His lips tease Nick's aching balls, the slightest graze of his tongue is enough to make him shiver and quake. It's not long before Nick Tiano reciprocates. He is nestled firmly between Nick's long legs and strong thighs. Foreskin lovers take your own dick will be bobbing back and forth watching Nick savor every inch of that loose hanging foreskin, all juicy and glistening from precum. Nick Tiano, in turn, is rimmed, eaten, licked, and tasted from head to toe by Nick's probing tongue and wet lips. His smooth ass cheeks are plump and ready to be spread wide open, fucked and filled. Nick Andrews slides into his crack with ease as Nick arches his back and prepares for a Deep raw pounding. He is fucked in every possible position giving his bare ass no rest. It's an awesome sex scene that ends with blasts of hot cum and two exhausted studs sharing their own juices.
Featuring:  Nick Andrews, Nick Tiano
Release Date: 08/20/2018