Sailor Blue and Freddy Wolf

Sailor Blue and Freddy Wolf were already entwined by the time we got the cameras rolling. After plenty of nipple licking and arm pit sniffing, Freddy began to service Daddy. Sailor was in seventh heaven with Freddy working his stiff dick his raspy tongue. Eager to get a taste of Freddy's sweet, hot ass, Sailor bent him over and rimmed him Deep, his tongue gliding over the twitching hole as Freddy begged for Daddy to fuck him bareback. Sailor slid his raw cock into Freddy, riding him with pounding thrusts before unloading all over Freddy's ass, then seeding him. With his sloppy hole covered in fresh jizz Freddy creamed himself, shooting some of his DNA onto Sailor's scruffy face.
Featuring:  Freddy Wolf, Sailor Blue
Release Date: 03/26/2018